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Our Team

With our ever growing practice of over 9200 patients, we have a large team of staff behind the scenes, working hard to ensure all our patients have the best possible care.

The Practice is lead by 3 Partners, Dr Donald MacEachern, Dr Lauren Bate and Dr Lisa Fennelow.

They are assisted by 6 associate GPs, Dr Jude Chapman, Dr Rebecca Cummins-Lagden, Dr Fiona Dear, Dr Rory Stark, Dr Daniel Treen and Dr Tim Watson.

Working alongside the GPs is our Nursing Team, lead by Nurse Practitioner Teresa Bage. Within this team are Tony Joslin, our Urgent Care Practitioner, Colleen and Ann, both Practice Nurses. Sue and Kelly are our Health Care Assistants and Julia Lambert is our Phlebotomist.

The Management Team is led by Kevin Bernard, the Practice Manager, assisted by Leverne Rose, Deputy Practice Manager and Donna Szukalski, Complaints & Admin Manager.

Dispensary is led by Paula, they have 10 dispenser/counter assistants working alongside them.

Reception is led by Karen and she has 7 receptionists in her team.

The admin team is led by Donna, and includes 4 Clinical Coders/Summarisers, an IT Assistant and a Business Apprentice.

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