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The Friends of BHC

Even if there were no budget pressures in the Health Service, it is unlikely that it could provide all of the things necessary to make our Health Centre welcoming, comfortable and efficient. This is why the charity ‘The Friends of Botesdale Health Centre’ was established in 1982.

Members pay an annual contribution of £5 or more. A large part of our funds comes from Donations in Memory, and we are very grateful to the relatives of deceased patients who wish to show their appreciation for the care and dedication of the doctors, nurses and staff at the Health Centre. Many organisations and individuals also send donations and raise funds for us. This support is very much appreciated. As a registered Charity, for every £1 donated we receive an additional 25p Gift Aid from the Government; all money received is used for the benefit of patients, the practice and community.

The Friends also help in other ways by assisting at the Baby Clinic on Friday mornings, the Flu Days in October and undertaking patients’ surveys as required by the practice and Government. It is not a ‘money making’ organisation but one that tries to ensure that everyone who comes to the Health Centre is able to have the best possible treatment, both medically and in every other way.

We are fortunate enough to have a finely-equipped Health Centre almost at the level of a small hospital (apart from the beds); and we hope you will want to help this continue. Additional members will help to ensure that the Botesdale Health Centre remains at the top by contributing on a regular basis.

The Friends and staff of the Health Centre take this opportunity to thank the generous patients who have donated funds to make all of this possible.

If you would like to join the Friends, membership forms are available from the FoBHC notice board in the waiting area of the Health Centre or by following the PDF link below.

FoBHC Membership Form

Completed membership forms can be posted to:
          The Secretary
          FoBHC                              or left in the FoBHC box at the Health Centre
          39 Ryders Way,
          IP22 1ER

Please feel free to ask questions or for more information by contacting the Friends Hon. Secretary, Carole Fitt on 01379 890878 or via Email – [email protected]