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Welcome to Botesdale Health Centre

The aim of our committed team is to provide the very highest quality medical care to our patients in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. We aim to achieve this through continual development in training and education both individually and as a team.

The Practice is led by our three Partners: Dr MacEachern, Dr Bate & Dr Fennelow.

COVID Vaccinations

Please note that if you are contacted by the practice to make an appointment at the surgery for a covid vaccination, we are only able to offer the appointment on the date offered. If you are unable to make the appointment date offered by the practice and need a different vaccination date, you will need to book with the national booking service via 119 and you may have to travel outside the area for an appointment date elsewhere.

Please wear a face covering when entering the Health Centre. If you are unable to wear a face mask, we can offer you a plastic visor to ensure we keep our staff and other patients safe.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID 19) – please stay at home and take normal pain relief as per the instructions. If your symptoms are worsening, you should contact 111 or telephone us. DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY unless a clinician has advised you to do so.

Know who to turn to for your healthcare

We want to help you get the right medical assistance when you’re ill, injured or have a long term condition. Going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important. This can help you to a speedier recovery and makes sure all NHS services are run efficiently.


When you need healthcare advice or help with medicines


Sudden loss of vision. Blurred vision. Painful or red eyes?


When your mouth or teeth need urgent attention

NHS Out-of-hours

When your GP and local pharmacy are closed

Minor injury

You will usually need a GP referral, except in an emergency.

Accident & Emergency

When an illness or injury is serious or life-threatening


Owned and run by the NHS, the NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet — including prescriptions and appointments.


Please note that Moderna booster clinic is now closed 4/12/21 4:30pm
COVID 19 Booster Vaccinations

We are organising our clinics for the Booster COVID 19 vaccination and will be in contact with you via text message/phone call or letter, this will be when we know about the supply of vaccine and can run the clinics. Please do not contact the surgery about this, unless you have been requested to do so by a healthcare professional.

We will be  vaccinating the most at risk and going down the age groups as per the previous government guidance, when patients are more than 6 months since their second dose. Please note we will be using either Pfizer or Moderna Vaccines, which require a 15 minute wait in the practice after the injection. We will not know what vaccine we have until nearer the clinic.

Running the clinics is going to be more demanding at this point in time given the current levels of COVID 19 circulating and the demands on healthcare services throughout the coming winter. Some of you have already been texted by the NHS service regarding booking your COVID 19 booster. If you are able to travel, and can book an appointment elsewhere, you may wish to do so. If you then receive a text or phone call from us, please let us know that you have booked elsewhere. You can do this by replying to the text message declining the appointment and noting the reason.

Please bear with us during these next challenging months.

Face Coverings
Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that the majority of COVID restrictions will be removed on the 19th July, the Government still expects and recommends that face coverings are worn in crowded and enclosed spaces.
Therefore, we would appreciate you co-operation and ask you to continue to wear a face covering when you are visiting the Surgery.
Telephone System News:
Our new telephone system has now been installed and we hope that this will reduce some of the frustration our patients have experienced with the limitation we had with the old system line capacity. To book an appointment, please call at 8:30am on the day and wait in the queue – we will get to your call as soon as possible. Constructive patient feedback is always welcomed.
Please do not contact us if you are able to visit a pharmacy for self-limiting illness  advice or medication, as many of our daily telephone queries could be resolved by patients following this process, which would be much quicker.
Reminder‼ We would like to remind you that where possible patients should not come to the surgery and expect to be seen straight away. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins due to working at full capacity already.
Covid-19; Visit for the latest guidance on coronavirus COVID-19, including symptom checker, self-care and social distancing. Or the Covid-19 support or see our COVID Vaccination News.

Patient’s Digital Data extraction on 1st July 2021 – Delayed until 1st September

There have been some misleading reports in the media indicating that patient’s personal medical data will be uploaded by the Government from 1st July. Please follow this link for the correct facts:

This is being undertaken nationally by NHS Digital, and the practice has to comply with this upload as part of our Contract. However, within the link is an option if you wish your data to be excluded from the extraction.