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West Suffolk Hospital (WSH) Outreach Clinics

We work very closely with WSH to help bring services to the local community and are pleased to be able to offer a number of Consultant led Clinics. These clinics are all pre-booked direct with the WSH.

Orthopaedic Clinic

Mr Andrew Dunn is an Orthopaedic Surgeon from West Suffolk Hospital and holds Clinics at Botesdale every other Friday afternoon, from 2.00pm and 5.00pm.

Echo Clinic

The Echo Clinic is run by West Suffolk Hospital, once a month, usually the morning of the first Friday of the month.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

We have a specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist from West Suffolk Hospital, who will be holding a clinic every other Tuesday morning.

New Clinics

At the Health Centre we are continuing to improve the service we provide and are looking to provide more accessible clinics for our patients to help improve their healthcare.